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Equestrian Arena Footing



When it comes to equestrian surfacing choices, our horse arena footing is unbeatable. Our rubber arena footing, which is available in 10-yard lengths, is a fantastic value, lovely to look at, and made to increase rider and horse safety. Because it is totally constructed of recycled rubber, it is a clear choice for everyone who values the environment, quality, and safety. It's also a smart decision if you want to promote greater performance on and off the track as well as care for the long-term health of your horses.

Rubber horse arena footing is a practical choice that will save money now and in the long run. Do you want to know more about how indoor and outdoor horse arena flooring could benefit your equestrian facility? Are you seeking for a surface for your horse arena that is more reliable and secure?  We have the information you need!

BENEFITS: People pick our rubber footing for horse arenas for a number of reasons. Numerous sites prefer rubber footing for a variety of reasons, including cost savings and improved safety.

Consider a few of the most important advantages that this surface solution offers:

  • helps prevent falls for both riders and horses.

  • helps to protect horses and riders from stress-related injuries.

  • It never breaks down, thus there is less dirt and dust.

  • It won't be washed or blown away.

  • It requires little upkeep.

  • Rodents and insects are scared off.

  • Rubber mulch has no smell and is non-toxic.

  • helps to keep rubber tires out of landfills.

  • enables the creation of a durable, green surface solution.

Rubber arena footing is useful outside of horse arenas because it provides a softer, more shock-absorbing surface in equestrian facilities and on horse tracks. It will survive more than a decade in even the harshest situations thanks to its durable, attractive finish. Additionally, the removal of dust, filth, and erosion simplifies maintenance for many applications. Because of this, playgrounds, flowerbeds, military sites, sports facilities, paintball fields, hiking trails, equestrian arenas, and dog parks all throughout the country use our natural rubber mulch. Any place that sees a lot of foot activity would benefit from this type of ground cover. It's perfect for equestrian settings since it safeguards riders and horses, adds aesthetic appeal, and offers a long-lasting surfacing solution.

SIZE: The rubber pieces and grains that make up nuggets range in size from 1/2" to 5/8".

COLOR: Black

MAINTENANCE: Our landscape rubber mulch requires no maintenance. It stays dry even after the heaviest downpour since it does not retain moisture, slickness, or dirt. It won't collapse, melt, or compress in any way. It won't be swept away by wind or water during a storm.

MATERIAL: This product was made entirely out of recycled rubber.

DELIVERY: Delivery curbside within 1 hour of zip code 14055 in 10 yard increments.



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