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Black Rubber Mulch



A innovative way to improve the aesthetic of flowerbeds, shrubs, and pretty much any outdoor area that would typically be covered in regular mulch is with landscape rubber mulch. By creating an insulating covering for the soil that lets water and nutrients in while preventing weed growth, rubber mulch benefits the soil and plant roots. Termites are not attracted to rubber mulch used in landscaping. Our rubber mulch for landscaping doesn't need to be replenished, and it keeps its uniformity and earthy appeal all year long.

Black rubber mulch for landscaping is ideal for generating green landscaping. It does not deteriorate, condense, or need an annual top-up during its lifespan.

BENEFITS: Ants are repelled, bug and rodent infestations are reduced, and mold growth is not encouraged.

SIZE: The rubber pieces and grains that make up nuggets range in size from 1/2" to 5/8".


COLOR: Black

MAINTENANCE: Our landscape rubber mulch requires no maintenance. It stays dry even after the heaviest downpour since it does not retain moisture, slickness, or dirt. It won't collapse, melt, or compress in any way. It won't be swept away by wind or water during a storm.

MATERIAL: This product was made entirely out of recycled rubber.

DELIVERY: Delivery curbside in 10 yard increments within an hour of zip code 14055.



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